Friday, August 6, 2010

After 11 Tools - Reflections

I really enjoyed exploring all of the apps for the Ipod touch. The Image Generator - ImageChef was another one of my favorite tools. I plan to use it with my students at the beginning of the year to create and display their names in various places throughout my classroom to help with name recognition.

The use of these new tools will definitely empower teachers and engage our PreK students. Having several computers and the Ipod touch will help us with individualized learning, as well as small and whole group instruction.
I have learned so much about how I can bring 21st century teaching tools into the classroom!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tool #11 - Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is an important part of integrating technology into the classroom. I think it should be a shared responsibility between teachers and parents.
Three things I would like my students to understand about being a good digital citizen are:
- never share personal information such as their name, address and phone number online
- only use their own log on and to view teacher approved websites and programs
-use good manners and appropriate language when communicating

For my students to have positive learning experiences, I will model what is and what is not appropriate behavior in the digital world. This is something I'll review and model on a daily basis.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tool #10 - Exploring Mobile Technology & Apps

Bringing the Ipod touch into the classroom is a great way to give students access to learning tools. There are so many good apps to choose from. I found some free apps that are geared for PreK students.

Says for Kids & Toy Story Photo - These are great apps for working on memory and paying attention
Pre-K Safari - Students can explore the animal kingdom while learning about colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

My students would enjoy working with these apps. They can have fun as they learn many literacy and math skills.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tool #9 - Sharing Information Through Jing & Skype

Jing is definitely a good tool for simple how-to instructions, especially for visual learners. It would be nice to have videos to use for teaching classroom routines year after year.
Skype is a wonderful way for our students to make connections beyond the classroom. It could be used to share their work with other prek students in our own school, at other schools in the district or Houston, as well as other Texas cities.